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About us

Hi! I’m Tash. I’m from the South West of the UK (currently living in Manchester) and I am the designer/maker behind NH patterns.

I began sewing and pattern making during the first year of my fashion degree. During my degree I just couldn’t find any patterns that I actually wanted to sew, and so I started making my own using the pattern making skills I was taught during the degree. Throughout my degree I worked hard to get better at pattern cutting (and sewing!) and started a clothing brand (the OG's will know about NH by Hand, but this no longer exists). Once I started my brand, I realised how much of a huge sewing community there is. People were always asking for my patterns and advice on how to sew the things they wanted to sew and so I learned how to input my hand drafted patterns into the computer, set up a blog and here I am!

If you’d like to contact me, please get in touch via the “contact” button on the menu at the top of the page. Or alternatively, email me at