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One thing I am always asked (at least weekly) is where I buy my fabrics. Now, I have a clothing brand and so I buy a lot of my fabrics from wholesale suppliers. However, if i’m sewing for myself or making a one off garment, there are so many other places I go to!

I’ve compiled a list here of some places I know and use and also some places internationally that have been recommended by some of my customers. These are all online fabric stores that you can check out via the links given.

I will continuously add to this list as and when I find other gems, I will add them too! So, let’s begin:



Rainbow fabrics: Rainbow fabrics are one of my personal favourites. Owned by some lovely people and all the fabric sold here is deadstock/ex-designer or surplus stock. Very good prices and there are so many options being added continuously to the website, with a lot of these being really high quality fabrics. I personally buy from these guys and would highly recommend. 

Minerva crafts: Minerva crafts have a HUGE selection of fabrics for dressmaking and for other sewing projects too! Honestly, this is one of the first websites I go too for fabrics. I’ve almost always been able to find something here.

They also offer samples for under £1 generally, and have a subscription option called the “craft club”. This is £20 per year and get’s you 10% off all orders, plus 10% of your subscription fee going to charity.

Fabric Land: Fabric Land are great and offer a multitude of cheap fabrics. I find they are best for Cotton fabrics and some haberdashery options too. The fabrics on the website however, are awful and you have to have a rough idea of what you’re buying before you can actually buy. You couldn’t colour match based on the website photos. They will however, offer you advice if you have any questions about any of their products!

Croft Mill: Croft Mill have a good selection of some “nicer” fabrics. They’re good at explaining the fabric contents in each fabric they sell and have some great photos and descriptions on what you’re buying. This makes it easier to shop online, and everything i’ve ever bought is great quality!

Truro Fabrics: Truro Fabrics is a shop in my hometown of Cornwall, and is a place I used a lot for my Uni Collections. They offer a good range of fabrics and I find they also offer fabrics I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. The staff are also very knowledgable and will help you out if you’re unsure or have a problem. They’re online too, and also offer lots of haberdashery options.

Fabworks: I love fabworks! I find they have a great selection of stretch fabrics and some beautiful prints! This is one I haven’t used yet, but i’ve heard it has a great selection of dressmaking fabrics, as well as lots of other fabrics! It also doesn’t look too expensive from what i’ve seen!

Pound Fabrics: Pound Fabrics is a great shop but you have to be quick, and keep checking for updates. They offer discounted fabrics for as little as £1 their website is always updated with new fabrics. I find some treasures here every now and again!

Fabric Styles: If you need scuba….this is the place for you. These fabrics are beautiful and prints you won’t likely find anywhere else! They also do these lucky dip bags sometimes which are hugely reduced and you can get some lengths of some beautiful fabrics. They also do other stretch fabrics too!

Fabric Love: Not one i’ve personally used before, but this one was recommended to me. They have a great selection of cottons and polycotton prints here. As well as some funky printed cotton jerseys!

Amothreads: Another one I haven’t bought from before, but I intend too! They have a very random range, a bit of everything. You can find deadstock and ex-designer fabrics on here. It’s a bit of a marketplace and takes a bit of looking through, but you can definitely find some really good fabrics here!

Sister Mintaka: This is a gorgeous fabric site and has some beautiful dressmaking fabrics. I haven’t shopped here before but i’m definitely going to take a look and purchase myself for my next selfish sewing project! It is a little on the pricier side, as all there fabrics are sold in half metres, but there’s some beautiful fabrics here so it’s worth a look!

The new craft house: This is a store that holds a lot of fabrics you don’t really see in other fabric shops. If you’re looking for something a little different, or a little special you should take a look here. I love the way the photos are taken on this site too, seeing them on the roll as opposed to a flat photograph really gives you a feel for what you are getting and the textures of the fabrics.

Plush addict: Plush addict is a brilliant store and contains a wide variety of fabrics. They also have some branded fabrics for those of you that are into certain brands. They have a lot of options so you’re bound to find something here for your sewing project!

Calico Laine: Calico Laine is one I used at University. They offer some very high quality fabrics here and the pricing isn’t too bad. They have a huge range and i’d definitely recommend them!

Remnant house fabric: So. Much. Fabric. This website really does have so much fabric and it’s definitely worth a look!

Fabric godmother: What can I say? A beautiful website filled with beautiful fabrics and haberdashery.

Abakhan: Abakhan has a huge selection of fabrics but it can sometimes be a little hard to find what you’re looking for. It’s worth checking out this website when you have some time to spare to hunt around on the website and see what they have available.

Good fabric store: Polina dropped a comment on this blog post about the Good fabric store and so I checked it out. The fabrics are simply stunning! They are more on the pricey side but this fabric store prides itself on selling sustainable fabrics that are eco friendly, so you can expect to pay a bit more for this, however the fabrics are beautiful and I intend on trying this store out soon! 

Etsy & Ebay: There are so many sellers of fabrics on Etsy and Ebay and I have bought from both in the past. You have to have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, because there’s just too much to go through otherwise. But once you know, take a look on both of these places and i’m sure you’ll find some hidden gems!

United States:

Now, I have to be honest I haven’t shopped for fabric internationally, as the cost is just far too high to have it imported into the UK! But here are some shops i’ve personally found, and have also been recommended by some amazing customers!

Mood Fabrics: Now, this is a very well known brand thanks to Project Runway (the TV show). Even here in the UK i’ve seen all about Mood Fabrics from the shop, and I even went to New York in 2019 and met the famous dog, Swatch. (Photo included!) There is just so many fabrics on this website it can be a little overwhelming but great if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. I’ve heard the fabrics here are very high quality too! Linen, linen and more linen! This store, you guessed it, has a lot of linen fabrics! This store is beautiful and has some gorgeous stretch/knit fabrics. I wish this was a UK based store because i’d definitely buy from here if it was!

Cali Fabrics: Another one recommended by one of my customers. This store has such a wide range of fabrics, woven and stretch and there appears to be something for all sewers here!

WHOLESALE (that are either based in, or ship to the UK):


Rainbow fabrics:

Wholesale fabric:

Wouters textiles:

John Stabler textiles:

Good fabric store:

I recently found out that Good fabric store offer wholesale in small MOQ. They offer sustainable and eco friendly fabrics and their MOQ is 10 metres (but can be split across two colour ways). There's also a great blog post here: with some valuable information to help you with your sourcing!

That’s all I have for now! But i’ll be sure to continually update this list as and when I find new places for you all to shop! Feel free to bookmark the page to use as a reference when you need to shop for fabric.

If you have any more shops you love and recommend, pop them in the comments and i’ll take a look!