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*Please note, I am no way affiliated with Netprinter and they have not asked me or encouraged me to write anything about their company. All points made are my own*

If you frequently purchase patterns from Indie pattern designers, you may notice your downloads come with a range of files. Normally, they’ll come with your standard A4 or US letter files which you have to print out and tape together to create your final size pattern. Sometimes though, you might come across large format files such as A0 or sometimes US 36×48″.

I’ve recently started adding large format printing options into all my patterns because, well, it’s just easier for some people! Especially for those larger patterns, where you don’t want to spend hours taping together 50 sheets of paper, and you just want your pattern there and then ready to start when you get the urge to sew!

Before I started adding these types of files into my own patterns, I had never printed large format before for any patterns i’ve used in the past. Even for my own! I just never really realised you could get these printed efficiently online, and delivered to your door. I also always worried about the scaling if I were to send them off to be printed by a company.

That’s where Netprinter steps in…

 Netprinter offer a “sewing pattern” printing service and will print at A0 through to A4 paper sizes. They’ll also print at “oversized” if your pattern doesn’t quite fit into the pre-sized options. Personally, my pattern files are all A0 and so I always choose the A0 option.

The best part, is that you can upload and order your files any day of the week, and you can either choose to collect, (which I do, as they are based where I live in Plymouth!) or you can have your pattern printed and sent out to you, either rolled or folded depending on what you choose. Their printing and shipping service is also very fast, so you won’t be waiting too long to get started on that project you’re itching to work on!

I’ve used them so many times now, and every pattern i’ve printed has been perfect and printed exactly to scale.

So, what are the prices and how does it work?

Well, when you go to the Netprinter website click on “sewing patterns in the menu bar at the top of the page.

You’ll see a page like this pop up:

Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find the upload options as shown here:

Next you want to choose your options and upload your file. So if you’re printing one of my patterns, you would select size “A0”, type “black and white” (all my patterns are black and white so it’s much cheaper for you to print!) and side “single sided”. Then, go ahead and upload your files in the box below!

Now, you can see here that i’ve uploaded two files because the A0 pattern that i’m using is spread across two A0 pages. This costs £1.50 per page, plus VAT, which is 20% in the UK, so £1.80 per page in total.

If you’re wanting multiple sizes from one pattern, i’d recommend printing it once and keeping this as a hard copy. Then trace each size off onto some pattern paper as and when you need it!

If you wanted colour printing, you can see from the image below it is much more expensive at £4.80 including VAT per page.

Once you’ve uploaded all your files, you can add all to cart and proceed to delivery. 2nd class Royal Mail postage is only £3 and your pattern pages will be sent neatly folded. However, there is a minimum order charge of £2, so I would recommend if you’re looking to print and have the patterns delivered to you, print multiple patterns for one order to spread the delivery cost and avoid the minimum charge.

Upon testing, 2 A0 sheets would incur the minimum charge fee, however 3 sheets would drop the cost down to 50p. 4 sheets would drop the minimum fee completely and you’d only be charged 40p for folding of the pattern. The folding charge then increases 10p for every sheet added.

So the more you print, the more you save! Below i’ve shown an example of an order containing 6 sheets of A0 size paper.

I’d highly recommend Netprinter for printing large format patterns. It might seem at first like you’re spending a bit more, but imagine how much you’d save on A4 paper and printer ink by printing it yourself, not to mention the time you would save not having to tape all the pages together!